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Created on: 8 April, 2014 - Last Modified: 11 April, 2014

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Having a persistent progression system is great, and is becoming more and more common nowadays. Loadout has such a system in place as you might have noticed if you played a game or two. This system uses experience to not only level your account, but also to level the individual weapon components so that you can upgrade them. Having something to show for all of your work is very rewarding, and that is what this system gives you.


Leveling Up

There are two things that can rack up experience in Loadout: your account and your individual weapon components.

Account experience dictates your overall level and (I believe) is used by the matchmaker to pair you up against players of similar skill. You can see your current level along with how much experience you have versus how much is needed for the next level by going into the Locker section.

Loadout Experience

This type of experience is awarded to you after finishing a match, and also during as I will explain shortly. Just like Blutes, experience is given for the following things:

  • Sticking around until the end of a match.
  • Winning or tying a match.
  • Leveling up from the match.
  • Performing better.

You can see how much experience you got from a match in the "Summary" tab of the results screen, such as this one taken from my latest match:

Loadout Experience

Because there is a bonus to actually finishing a match, it works in your favor to stick around even if you are loosing. A final thing I want to mention, and something that you probably have already noticed, is the yellow experience bar that is visible at the bottom of the screen while in a match. This bar exists because your "performance bonus", ie. your in-game score converted to experience, is actually applied in real time during the game. To this extent, you can actually level up in-game and not just in the results screen.

Loadout Experience

Individual component experience is used to level that particular component. This type of experience is attained by actually using that component during the game. For example if you want to level the Compact stock, you will need to use a weapon that has that type of stock included. It is important to understand that you need to actually fight and shoot with that particular weapon for it to gain experience; it's not enough to have it equipped! The more you use a weapon the more experience it gets, so if you are focusing on a particular component try to maximize its "use time". A final point is that you need to finish the game by winning or loosing for you to get weapon experience; if you leave before it ends you get nothing! You can see how much experience each weapon has managed to rack up by switching to the "Weapon Tech" tab in the results screen.

Loadout Experience

You can check a component's current experience, how much experience is needed to level, and its current level by going into the Tech Tree. Each component can be upgraded twice up to level 3, netting a performance increase of 10-15% each time.

Loadout Experience

Turbo Mode!

You can level up faster by purchasing a temporary boost to experience gain. This boost will double all experience gained and can be purchased from the in-game store using SpaceBux. The duration varies from 1 day to 30 days, depending on how much you want to spend.

Loadout ExperienceThat's all regarding experience folks. If you have something to add make sure you do so by using the comment system below.

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