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Created on: 4 April, 2014

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Loadout is a fun game that you will play even without any additional lures, but to make the experience even better Edge of Reality have added daily prizes. If you play MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft, you can think of these prizes as the Daily Quests found in those games, but with a much simpler mechanic. All you have to do in order to get the daily prize in Loadout is simply play one match everyday; the reward is presented to you afterwards as 3 chests from which you can choose just 1. Sounds simple, but there is more to it.


The Rewards

What exactly can you get from the 3 chests that are presented? You can get one of two things:

Blutes, ranging from 25 up to 1000 in increments of 25. I have personally never gotten more than 800 Blutes, but other players have confirmed finding higher amounts. This seems to be the most common of the two prizes, with the average range being 200-350 Blutes.

Loadout Daily Prize

Cosmetic items. This prize is obviously more valuable than mere Blutes since you have to pay real money to get them, but it's also rarer. The prize you get here does not necessarily have to belong to your current character, so make sure you check the others as well if you cannot find your prize. Nobody is sure which cosmetic items you can actually get this way, but I assume the selection is limited to the lower tiers, ie. the items that cost the less SpaceBux.

Loadout Daily Prize

The Mechanics

If you have been playing Loadout for some time and got several daily prizes as a result, you may have noticed how you always get the best prize from the 3 chests regardless of which chest you pick. While the exact mechanics behind this feature have not been revealed by the developers, several theories exist as to why this happens.

Loadout Daily Prize

Ego Boost

Some players have suggested that the game generates your real daily prize along with 2 inferior ones. These other 2 prizes are then presented on the daily prize screen as an ego-boost, so you feel as if you got the best out of the 3 prizes whereas in reality there was only 1 prize to be had all along.


Kill/Death Ratio

Other players suggest that the daily prize is based off of your kill/death ratio. This could explain why bad players get inferior rewards while good players always get the best choice. It is unknown whether they were referring to the KD ratio of the match that triggered the daily prize or to a more generic, global KD ratio. It is also widely believed that the amount of Blutes you get in the chests is based on your KD ratio.



It is also possible that some players have extreme luck and always get the best prize, while some players aren't as fortunate.


The "Ego Boost" explanation would make sense if all of the players got the best prize, but that isn't the case. The "Luck" explanation is possible, but highly unlikely. This leads me to believe that the "Kill/Death Ratio" theory is the correct one, but like always we can never be sure unless the developers themselves reveal the mechanics.

Also note that the daily prizes reset at midnight UTC time.



All in all, it doesn't really matter whether the daily prize is rigged or not as long as it works in your favor. A final thing I would like to mention is that some people get multiple prizes a day, while others go days without getting 1; nobody knows if this is a bug or not.

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