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Created on: 9 April, 2014 - Last Modified: 21 April, 2014

Loadout BlitzLoadout Game Types

Loadout features many game types, one of them being Blitz. Also known as control point Blitz, here the objective is to capture the various control points that lie scattered throughout the map. This game type can randomly be accessed by playing under Casual mode.

Loadout Blitz


Blitz is similar to the "king of the hill" mode that is commonly found in many shooter games. Maps here will have various control points stationed around the map, but only one of them will be active at any given time.  The objective is to capture these control points which give your team 500 points. Winning requires you to reach 4000 points, ie. capturing 8 points, or by having the most points when the timer runs out. You can check how many points your team or the enemy team currently has, along with the match's remaining time, by looking at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Loadout Blitz

Each active control point will have a circular area around it about 5 meters in diameter inside which you must stand in order to capture it. The more people in this area from the same team, the faster it will capture, but be warned that they will cancel out with people from the opposite team. For example if 3 people from Team A are in the point's capture area, and 2 people from Team B suddenly drop by, it will count as if only 1 member of Team A is in the capture zone. If the amount of people in the capture zone from the two teams is the same, the point will be deadlocked and will remain so until someone leaves or dies. A deadlocked control point will have 2 pistols in the middle of the progress bar.

Loadout Blitz

You can check the currently activated control point's capture progress by looking at the persistent bar found at the top of the screen. Green is obviously your team, while red is the enemy.

Loadout Blitz

The control points have 3 states that are reflected in the icon that is visible when nearby said points. The Claim state occurs when nobody is currently present on the point or when the point is deadlocked, while the Defend state occurs when your team is currently capturing. The Attack state is the inverse of the Defend state, and occurs when the enemy is capturing.

Loadout Blitz

Once a point is captured, the capturing team instantly receives 500 points but you must wait about 5 seconds until the next point becomes active. Also note that the player spawn points are dependent on the currently activated control point, so it might be worth it to wait until you respawn if you die just before a point becomes active as it will spawn you closer to said point.

Loadout Blitz

Effective Loadouts

Given how Blitz has a tendency of cramming many players into a small area, it comes as no surprise that the most effective weapons here are those that deal AOE (Area Of Effect) damage. A very good loadout for Blitz would be:

  • A short-range weapon such as a rifle or a shotgun.
  • An AOE weapon such as a rocket launcher.
  • Grenades, Shield, or Deployable Shield in terms of equipment.

Loadout Blitz

The basic strategy that I like to use is to fire off a couple of rounds with the AOE rocket weapon aimed directly at the middle of the control point while also closing in, then switching to the rifle or shotgun for close quarter combat. If you are using grenades make sure you also throw these while advancing, assuming of course that enemies are currently on the point! The Personal Shield and Deployable Shield should be used mainly while defending as they give you more survivability.

You can also replace one of the weapons mentioned above with a healing-type weapon that you can use while defending or attacking a point. Healing is very effective in this scenario and it's not the first time that a point is won because of it.

A final thing I would like to mention is that in some cases it may be beneficial for you to stay back and pick enemies off from afar, while your allies rush in and capture the point. This works better when the team is pre-made and is using some form of voice communication, but you can also try it in other scenarios.

You can also see the official Blitz video here.



The Blitz game type is also known as "The Laundry", possibly due to the fact that the "flag" is actually a piece of dirty clothing. The type's icon, a pair of boxers, and its in-game description which says "Raise the Boxers" are both a reference to this laundry thing.

Loadout Blitz

Tips & Tricks

Want to get an edge in Blitz mode? Then check out the following tips!

  • In the vast majority of cases you need to rush into the point! Remember that you need to be on the point itself in order to actually make a difference, but there are certain cases where staying at long range can prove useful (see the above section). This may sound obvious but I see many people just shooting at the enemy without even stepping close to the control point, loosing it in the process.
  • Heal while defending using an AOE healing weapon or Healing Grenades.
  • Not many people know this, but taunting while capturing a point will speed up the process. It obviously has the downside of making you an easier target.
  • Run around after a point has been captured, preferably in the location of the other points. This makes it more likely that you will be in the vicinity of the next activated point, giving you a precious head start in the capturing process.
  • Make sure you utilize good movement tactics while on a control point, even when no enemies are in sight; you never know when a missile is coming in! Things like rolling, jumping, and constantly staying on the move are all considered good movement tactics.
  • Cap as much as possible. Remember that the closer you are to capturing a point, the harder it is for the enemy to take it back.
  • Throwing a Buff Grenade on the point is a great way to give your team an advantage.

Loadout Blitz

Know some more tips & tricks that you would like to share with us? Have some questions or remarks? If so don't hesitate to use the comment section below.

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